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     Ms. Milner is the author of the fictional "Children of Plains Estates" series which explores the joys and the problems of everyday life from the viewpoint of children. Five books in this series have been published to date. The Children of Plains Estates: The Final Chapter was recently released in February. 2021

Added to her body of work is the Forgiven of Our Transgressions series. Ms. Milner just released the 60th Edition Forgiven of Our , Forgiven of Our Transgressions: Cheryl, Dustin, Is He God's Answer? The 61st Edition is Forgiven of Our Transgressions: Celeste, Javier, Fight for Their Future

    In addition, Ms. Milner has written and published The Rejuvenation of  Church: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth". This comprehensive book contains a guide and a Workbook, and is often used as a basis for workshops given around the country. 

Her releases include novelettes "Journey to the Cross" Jesus said My Life for Yours. "It: Started with a Dime: Malachi 3:10,  "Mary" Jeremiah 1:5, " and Workbook Are You Walking in the Spirit or Walking in the Flesh. 

Additionally Ms. Milner has published her first Poetry book We give You Praise: Thoughts from the Holy Spirit. and MP3 We Give You Praise sung by Linsay Bittner

     All of these BOOKS and eBooks are currently AVAILABLE on 

     If you are interested in hosting a BOOK SIGNING, please go to the contact page.


      Ms. Milner is a child of the King whose heart lies in working with youth. She exhibits both of these aspects of her personality when she speaks to groups of youth as well as their parents on principles and strategies they can use to embrace God and enhance their Christian walk as they go through daily struggles.

     For additional information or to schedule an event, please go to the CONTACT tab.


    Ms. Milner is available to conduct workshops on the needs of our youth and the Church's role and involvement in the same. Sessions are frequently based on her book, "The Rejuvenation of the Church: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth" and can be structured for youth and/or parents or adults in general.

    For popular workshop topics and information, please go to the WORKSHOP tab.

    To schedule an event, please go to the CONTACT tab.