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Children of Plain Estates: Silent Tears


Alan Bates is dead, but it is only the beginning for Justin and Carl. They are charged with bullying. As the trial escalates, their mother, Mrs. Bates, and the boys are put on trial in order to explore all sides of this controversial indictment. In the name of God, Ted fights for custody of his biological niece, Tammy, from her adoptive parents. Torn between the love for her daughter and loyalty to the Walkers, Alicia must choose between the Walkers and her family. Which side will she take? John and Jesus have both applied for team lead. Jose has reviewed both of their work histories. Will he choose the best employee or his allegiance to his race? Ms. Colbert has breast cancer. Rita is suffering from complications of sickle cell anemia. Stacy's T-cell count has dropped drastically. Tragedy has hit Plains Estates. Someone will die.

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