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Kickstarted Project

Launching a Christian TV Series  Breaking the World's Chains

Forgiven of Our Transgressions Series

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It is important that we give those of faith and hunger and thirst for God an option on television. This battle is not over.

Christianity is being persecuted across the world. The project is entitled Launch of a Christian series. My goal is to create a series that deals head on with the word of God and its application in 2023. Christians are struggling with the standards of the world and Christian morality. They struggle with integrating into a world of infidelity, addiction, and the need to obtain the American Dream at all cost. America has turned away from God to walk toward material wealth serving idol Gods. The church has become the world and the world the church. The series examines the complexity of choosing to exemplify Christian values in our negotiations, corporate lives and our personal choices. Can Christians follow God’s plan for their life while still maintaining their faith and trust in God?

This is an international, diverse, and inclusive series. There are 58 editions to the series. All editions are written and published by Claudette Milner. The score has been written by Claudette Milner. The series will be digitally marketed. The books are published in 13 countries including US, UK, DE, FR, NL, SE, IT, MX, JP, BR, ES, CA, NL. PL. The use of product branding and social media will be used to market the product as well as public appearance and book marketing. The sale of T-Shirts and other products will also be sold. The script will be written from the published works. The T-Shirts will cover the Brand- Is God a Partner in Your Life.

Staff needed will be producer, director, original songs have not been published so the songs would need to be sung and recorded by various recording artist. The songs from the series will be promoted on all music outlets for additional revenue.

This series will give Christians a venue that will entertain and give Christians a realistic show about the struggle they face living in a world that celebrates infidelity, sin, and serves wealth from the drug dealer to the millionaire in the pulpit.

Join me in bring this series to the viewers. Christianity has the most followers worldwide with over 2.2 billion believers.

This is an untouched market worldwide.