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A Matter of Interpretation: Americans In Crisis

Filmed by: Alexandria Brown and Maurine Mosby

Hosted by: Claudette Milner and Teen Hosts ,Sydney Tucker and Kaitlyn Ciresi. .

Documentary Series which brings insight into issues facing our community from Homelessness, Mental Health among teens, Restoration of Voting Rights, and more. The team was trained in Detroit, Michigan, under the instruction of Issac Lawrence, C.E.O of WIGN-TV Networks and mentored by Sean Chris Boeberitz.


Video 1 Homelessness Part 1 Guest: Jeff Gill

Video 2 Homelessness Part 2 Guest: Jeff Gill

Video 3 Homeless Coalition Guest: Natalie Harris, Erin Rutherford

Video 4 Portrait of the Homeless Guest: Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith

Mental Health in Teens

Video 1 Teen Suicide Guest Tami Charles

Video 2 / Teen Males Mental Health Part 1 - Guest Dr. Steven Kniffley Jr.

Video 3 - KOS Knowledge of Self Part 2 Guest Dr. Steven Kniffley Jr.

Video 4 Teen Girls Mental Health Guest Ana' Neicia Williams

Youth Ministry Guest: Jason J Reynolds, Vanaya, and Jamal Brown

Sex Crimes Against Our Children Part 1

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest: Janice Downs

Sex Crimes Against Our Children Part 2

Host: Claudette Milner

Guest:Janice Downs

School Classroom Issues